Specialised Clearance / Auditing & Other Services:

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Quality Auditing
Audit Preparation

Quality Auditing:

As an AEO accredited company with over 65 years of experience we are in a prime position to offer current and prospective clients full auditing services carried out in house at Beagans Limited. Customs documentation integrity is the core principle of our business so we will ensure that any and all documentation you submit for audit will be returned with a full report on discrepancies that were found during the audit process.

If you have any concerns about the customs paperwork being completed for you by a third party agent, rest assured that we will be able to review and confirm to you if you are at risk of Irish Revenue intervention / risk of financial penalty.

Audit Preparation:

Irish Revenue regularly audits Irish companies who Import & Export to and from the EU. These checks are usually routine in nature and come by way of Irish Revenue selecting a random sample of customs entries completed on your company’s behalf over a certain time period.

Beagans Limited can help you prepare for any customs audits your company may have been selected for by Irish Revenue. We will work with you to ensure that all paperwork is ready for their audit process and we will flag anything that should be brought to Revenue’s attention.

Beagans Limited will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are fully compliant with Irish Revenues requirements and standards as an Irish Importer / Exporter.

Please contact clearance@beagans.com to discuss how we can assist with your specialised clearance / Auditing requirements.