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1505, 2015


Shipper's Own Container
1505, 2015

Shipping Weight

Shipping weight represents the gross weight in kilograms of shipments, including the weight of moisture content, wrappings, crates, boxes, and containers (other than cargo vans and similar substantial outer containers).
1505, 2015

Shipping Mark

The letters, numbers or other symbols placed on the outside of cargo to facilitate identification.
1505, 2015

SEED Number

System for the Exchange of Excise Data - is a database of all the Customs approved exporters / importers of Exicse Duty Products with the EU.
1505, 2015

SAD Document

Single administrative document - formal document for Customs import or export purposes.
1505, 2015


Single Adminstrative Accompanying Document - for the movement of Alcohol products that are duty paid in one EU country to another.
1505, 2015

Pro Forma Invoice

An invoice provided by a supplier prior to the shipment of merchandise, informing the buyer of the kinds and quantities of goods to be sent, their value, and important specifications (weight, size, and similar characteristics).
1505, 2015


Port Of Loading
1505, 2015


Proof Of Delivery, or a cargo/package receipt with the signature of recipient. This term has been widely used in courier and express industry and also gaining more attention and implementation at air cargo industry.
1505, 2015

Packing List

A shipping document issued by shipper to carrier, Customs and consignee serving the purposes of identifying detail information of package count, products count, measurement of each package, weight of each package, etc.