The term ‘tariff classification of goods’ is defined in Article 57 of the Union Customs Code (UCC). It means determining the subheadings or further subdivisions of the Combined Nomenclature (CN) under which the goods will be classified.

If you import or export goods into or out of the European Union (EU), you must classify those goods for customs purposes. Every product has a specific code. This classification code determines the amount of Customs Duty you will pay on imported goods.

You can use TARIC to classify your goods to the appropriate code that you will need to import or export your goods.  

You will also be able to view the following material in TARIC:

– suspension of duties
– tariff quotas
– tariff preferences
– anti-dumping measures.

Each product has a particular eight-digit classification code in the 2022 combined nomenclature. This also sets out the general rules for classifying goods to an eight-digit level. The combined nomenclature is updated annually.

If your goods are misclassified it will lead to possibile penalities by Irish Revenue & Customs as the incorrect classification may have resulted in an underpayment of EU Customs Duty.

Beagans Limited will always check your goods classification before processing any customs entry on your companies behalf to ensure your entries are fully compliant with the UCC.


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