Best Practices For Customs Clearance Requirements

Customs ClearanceMany companies believe that a conflict may exist when they have a single source provider of transport services and customs clearance solutions. As such there is a strong case for having separate providers of transport services and customs clearance requirements to ensure that they can guarantee compliance with customs guidelines. By doing this many transport related issues as regards delivery deadlines and other pressures affecting customs clearance are totally eliminated which allows correct and appropriate customs clearance compliance.

As a Importer/ Exporter good customs compliance is vital. With the ever increasing number of Post Clearance and Customs/ Revenue audits a single instance of non-compliance can result in an audit being extended to other tax areas and an increased period for reviews which can lead to demands for back-payments, interest on back-payments and even penalties.

At Beagans Limited we make our customers fully aware of their customs requirements so that along with their knowledge of the product being transported, the cost of the product and ancillary costs we can make use of our systems and expertise to make the correct declaration to Customs. By having these procedures in place both parties can be assured of prompt clearance and excellent reputations with Customs authorities.

Our backup facilities allow for storage of documents for a minimum of 4 years plus the current year – each transaction having an unique internal reference to allow for ease of retrieval if and when required.

As a service provider focus on Customer, Trade and Customs Requirements is paramount at all times and has proven to be the main reason that Beagans Limited is recognised as the leading independent Customs Broker within the country.

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