Excise Duty Entries (EDE) – Beagans offer a comprehensive EDE (Excise Duty Entry) processing service for intra EU importations of wines, beers, spirits, cider and all fuels. We calculate the excise duty and VAT payable (where applicable) and furnish the importer with all the documentation required.

We can offer advice and assistance on the EMCS (Excise Movement Control System)

Our considerable knowledge and software facilities allow us to give you the best and most practical advice whether it’s Chardonnay from Sydney, Heineken from Holland or Petroleum from Kuwait.

Please get in touch now and see how we can reduce your costs, help improve your product range or just solve the puzzle in importing excise-able products.

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What is Excise Duty?

Excise duties consist of special taxes levied on specific kinds of goods, typically alcoholic beverages, tobacco and fuels; they may be imposed at any stage of production or distribution and are usually assessed by reference to the weight, alcoholic strength (ABV%) or quantity of the product.

What is EMCS?

EMCS is a computerised system to facilitate the movement of duty-suspended excisable goods within the European Union (EU). The Electronic Administrative Document (e-AD) contains details of the consignment. Warehousekeepers will exchange e-ADs with Warehousekeepers and Economic traders in other member states of the EU.

What is an ARC?

An ARC is the reference assigned to the complete and valid electronic administrative document (e-AD). The ARC number must be provided to the competent authority in the member state of dispatch.

What does Duty Suspended mean?

Duty Suspended goods are goods which are held within a Tax Warehouse in the EU and are being moved to another Tax Warehouse within the EU. This movement is carried out on EMCS and as it is going between Tax Warehouses the payment of taxes are suspended until the goods are removed from the final tax warehouse for sale / release into free circulation.