An Export Declaration is an electronic declaration submitted by Beagans Limited to Irish Revenue’s Automated Entry Processing (AEP) System, the declaration contains all information pertaining to the shipment.

Within a few minutes we receive back the decision from AEP on whether the goods are cleared to exit IE / EU or if the goods need to go for a customs paperwork or physical check.

Beagans Limited can provide all the required Export documentation to ensure your goods are cleared for Export from Ireland and that the shipment complies with the latest EU regulations.

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How do you export goods from Ireland / EU?

To export goods from Ireland / EU an electronic declaration must be lodged to Irish Revenue via AEP (Automated Entry Processing). Showing all relevant information pertaining to the shipment.

What information is required to create an Export Declaration?

The basic information required is the commercial invoice, packing list and the shipping reference number whether it is the Bill of Lading (Sea Freight), Airway Bill (Airfreight) or CMR (Road Freight)

*More information may be requested at the time of document submission.

What happens if my shipment goes Orange / Red?

These statuses are very common depending on the type of goods being imported and the country of origin. If your consignment receives one of these routings, Beagans Limited will lodge all paperwork on your behalf to Irish Revenue and liaise with the relevant Customs Officer in charge of your case to ensure any queries are answered and your goods are released as quickly as possible.