What is Intrastat?

IntrastatIntrastat is the name given to the system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between the countries of the European Union. Trade statistics are an essential part of the balance of payments account and are regarded as an economic indicator of the performance of the country. The statistics are used by government departments to set overall trade policy, generate initiatives on new trade areas and assessment of goods movements to plan for future transport infrastructure needs.

The commercial world analyse the statistics to assess the market place in order to gauge import penetration and also to use the information on new market places for their goods. Summary Intrastat information is also used by International bodies such as Eurostat, United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

Why is Intrastat necessary?

The Single EU Market of 1st January 1993 brought considerable benefits for intra EU Trade by free goods movements and less complex official requirements. As a result Intrastat was introduced to simplify documentation and provide a vehicle for control and collection of trade statistics. All VAT registered traders must complete 2 boxes on their VAT Return to account for Imports / Exports to other EU Countries. Traders with imports from other EU member states exceeding EUR 191,000 annually and/or exports to other EU member states exceeding EUR 635,000 annually must complete the detailed monthly Intrastat return.

How can Beagans help my business with my Intrastat requirements?

With the up-to-date processing systems and experienced staff in place we can offer a comprehensive, confidential and cost effective service to deal with collation and processing of your Intrastat Requirement.

We are now the experts in this specialised field and we cater for all types of businesses from multinational companies, financial institutions, UK/Europe based companies with Irish branches and local importers and exporters.
We can assign experienced staff to assess your requirements and respond to your individual needs at very competitive rates tailored to meet your requirements (per invoice, per tariff/commodity code, per month)

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Full Intrastat Service available for Irish Revenue and HM Customs requirements.
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